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What statuses mean

  • Submitted - A CPRPL application has been received but not yet paid
  • Paid - A CPRPL application has been received and paid
  • In Progress - The application is being verified prior to issuing a notice
  • Notice Issued - All interested parties have been sent notice that Croydon intend to issue a licence
  • Under Review - Croydon are investigating queries received following the notice being sent
  • Licence Issued - The final licence has been issued (subject to inspection)

No Licence applications against that postcode have been found. If you have any queries please contact the property licence team.

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If you would like to report an unlicensed property (one not listed when you search) please complete our anonymous online form using the button

Report an Unlicensed Property

Every privately rented home in the borough must apply to the council for a Croydon private rented property licence. This became a legal requirement from 1 October 2015.You can apply online for a private rented property licence.

If you have any questions about the Croydon Private Rented Property Licence scheme please see the property licensing information on our website.

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